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Eric R Saxton, DC


“I look forward to becoming an active member of the Downtown Syracuse community and making chiropractic convenient, affordable, and simple.”

Meet Dr. Eric

I was born and raised on a farm in Upstate NY and attended New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY.  After graduation, my wife and I moved to Virginia outside of Washington DC where I started my first practice: Saxton Chiropractic and Rehab, PLLC.   After the birth of our son, we decided to relocate back to the Syracuse area to be closer to our extended family.  I sold my practice and our house and moved back to New York.  And eventually started Cuse Chiro, Inc to practice chiropractic in downtown Syracuse.

After some moving around, I finally settled south of Syracuse where I reside with my wife, Sara, my son, Finn, and our dog, Pretzel.

Common Conditions We Treat

While each individual has their own unique factors behind their problems, here are some of the common complaints that we see in our downtown Syracuse chiropractic office.

Low Back Pain

One of the leading causes of disability helped with chiropractic.

Neck Pain

From office posture to text neck, chiropractic can help them all.


A wide variety of headaches have symptomatic origins in the neck.

Disc Herniations

Our table is specifically designed to treat disc injuries.

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Safe, effective, natual pain relief for pregnant patients.

Sports Injuries

Evidence based care to get you back in the game fast.

What To Expect On Your First Visit

Welcome to our virtual office visit.

Prior to your first visit...

You may receive a number of emails from Dr. Eric and/or his scheduling system.  One of those will contain your link to the online intake form.  If you cannot find that link, feel free to use the link below.

What to Bring:

  • Your ID
  • Comfortable and loose fitting clothing (if possible, like what you would wear to the gym)
  • Any imaging studies you may think would be helpful.
Arrival to the office

When you enter the building, you can check in at the Metro Fitness front desk and sign in.  If you are unfamiliar with Metro Fitness, the staff will direct you down to my office.  The elevator is also available if you need it.


This is a brief discussion with Dr. Eric about your health-related problems and concerns, as well as your treatment options and goals.  This is a time designed for Dr. Eric to get to know more about you as a whole, in order to determine if chiropractic care is right for you.  This also give you a chance to get to know Dr. Eric a little better so that you can be comfortable with your treatment options.

History of Complaint

Although usually a seamless transition, the history is a specific question and answer period designed to give the doctor as much information about your current condition as possible.  These questions go beyond “where does it hurt” to help the doctor understand not only what is injured, but why as well.  After all, our motto is:

Treat the cause, not just the symptoms.


At this point, Dr. Eric will perform a chiropractic examination specific to your current condition.  This will involve ranges of motion, sensory testing, strength testing, posture analysis, and some orthopedic exams.  In most cases, this will give the doctor all the information needed to diagnose your condition.  In some cases, further imaging will be required to make an appropriate diagnosis.  

Review of Findings

This is when the doctor will inform you of the diagnosis of your specific condition.  If possible, we will also describe how your diagnosis came to be, as well as how we recommend treatment.  The treatment protocol is specific to your condition and used as a guideline for progress.  The doctor will also explain the different treatments that will help your condition, along with any risk factors of your condition.  After explaining the condition, the doctor will ask you to sign a Consent to Treat form, and if there is time, we will begin treatment on the first visit.

New Patient Paperwork

Our intake forms are now 100% digital and can be filled out on your phone, tablet or computer.  Gets started by Clicking the link below.

How to know you have the right chiropractor?

Unfortunately, not all chiropractors are the same.  Here is a whitepaper that highlights what you should ask any chiropractor to ensure you are getting exceptional care.

Direct Primary Care

With my first practice, I was In-Network with all the insurances and I would be paid for 30 minutes of treatments.  However, when I moved to New York, the insurances would no longer pay for the treatment I provided.  I also began to realize how many hours a week I spent on the phone with insurance companies, or submitting appeals to get paid for what my patient’s needed.  There had to be a better way.  And that is when I found out about Direct Primary Care (DPC), a plan for treatment that decreased the cost to the patient while eliminating the overhead and middle men of insurance.  With deductibles increasing and out of pocket expenses going up, I truly believe the Direct Primary Care will be the future of medicine.  

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