What does a syracuse Chiropractor Cost?

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Our mission is to make visiting a chiropractor simple and affordable for downtown Syracuse.  No hidden costs, no suprise bills, no hassles.  At Cuse Chiro, we tell you exactly what a Syracuse chiropractor costs.

Up Front Pricing

Does Cuse Chiro Accept My Insurance?


Cuse Chiro will provide you with everything that you need to submit to your insurance.  Some of which are as simple as logging into the online portal and uploading your “SuperBill.”

After you have submitted your “SuperBill”, your insurance company with reimburse you according to your specific plan.  It is nearly impossible to know what is covered on every individual plan, but here are some questions you can ask to be informed.

Questions to ask your insurance representative to find out how much Syracuse chiropractor costs.


What is your deductible?

Some plans have different deductibles for different types of treatment.  Chiropractic might have it’s own deductible.  Otherwise, you’ll want to know your Out of Network Deductible.


What is the "allowable amount"?

This amount is the maximum amount that they would reimburse for any given service.  This amount is different for each treatment code.  The codes that you’ll need to ask for is CPT 99203 and 98940.


What of your deductible has been met?

Subtract this amount from your deductible and this is how much you will have to pay out of pocket until your insurance starts to kick in.


Has your deductible been reached?

Most plans don’t start paying or reimbursing until your deductible has been met.  So if your answer is no, your insurance won’t be paying for any treatment.


Is there a co-pay or co-insurance?

Co-pays are a flat fee that you will have to spend for each visit.  Co-insurance is a percentage of the “allowable amount” that you will have to pay.


How much does a chiropractor cost?

As you can see, it is not a simple question.  If you are in-network with insurance, it is even harder to answer.  That is why I keep it simple with up front pricing.  


If you are confused, you are not alone.

Feel free to bring these answers with you to your first apointment and I can help you figure out.  With rising deductibles and out of pocket expenses, many patients find it better to use a Direct Primary Care Agreement rather than insurance.  Especially when you consider what you are missing going to an Insurance Based Chiropractor.

Compare Treatment 

Having worked in a few chiropractic offices in Syracuse, I know what typical treatment you get when you go to an In-Network Chiropractor.  Here you will see that there is more than simply money involved when you figure how much a Syracuse Chiropractor costs.

Syracuse Chiropractor Cost
Insurance Based Chiropractor

Schedule online 24/7

Appointments are immediately booked right into my calendar.

Online Scheduling


Request Appointment

Have to wait for someone to respond to your request.


1:1 Appointments

No other patients in the office, my attention is dedicated to you for the entire visit.

Dedicated appointments


Multiple Patients per time slot

Chiropractor visits other patients throughout your time in the office.


45 minute Exam and treatment

Quality 1:1 time to make sure you know everything you can about your condition, and what we are going to do to fix it.

Comprehensive First Visit


15 Minute Exam

Short and sweet with out much time for questions.  Some chiropractors don’t even treat the patient on the first visit.


30 minute follow-ups

Up to 30 minutes of hands on treatment to ensure you get better as fast as possible.

Quality Follow-ups


3 patients per 15 minute slot

You may be in the office for 20-30 minutes, but you will be lucky if you get 5-10 minutes of the chiropractor’s attention.


Active Care

Therapeutic exercise, kinesiology taping, stretching instructions.  These are the most recommended treatments for back and neck pain, but not covered by insurance.

Adjunct Treatments


Maybe heat and electric stim

Chiropractic adjustments are the only thing covered by health insurance, but they may use stim and heat to make it seem like you are getting more for your money.

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