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The holistic approach of our chiropractor in Syracuse NY provides natural healing with greater satisfaction than any other health profession.

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When you need a chiropractor, you want to get in fast. Through online scheduling and flexible schedules, many patients can get in within 24 hours.

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With low overhead, Cuse Chiro allows the doctor to spend more time with each patient and still pass the savings along to you.

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Finding the right chiropractor in Syracuse NY who understands changing health care needs and the most current techniques and approaches to addressing health problems can be a daunting task.  We hope that you will find this site helpful in learning more about our gentle techniques and approach as well as ways that it can improve your quality of life.

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We want to do whatever it takes to get you feeling better and get you back to doing the things you love.

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Pregnant Patients Welcome

Pregnancy Certified Chiropractor in syracuse, ny


Dr. Eric is Webster Certified

Webster Technique has become a well-recognized and trusted name with both pregnant mothers and birth providers. We recognize that the care we provide to pregnant mothers affects the very well-being of the entire family.


Natural Pain Relief

Balance the pelvis and relieve stress on muscles and ligaments to maximize comfort to both mom and baby.  Find out more about us or schedule online

Dr. Eric wants to be your

chiropractor in Syracuse, NY


Eric R Saxton, DC is a chiropractor in Syracuse, NY.  After running a successful practice just outside of Washington DC, Dr. Eric returned to Central NY to be closer to family.  Dr. Eric looks forward to helping you meet your fitness and health goals by making chiropractic convenient to where you live, work, or workout.

See what our patients say.

"Dr. Saxton was great, very different from other “chiro” experiences. I did not feel as I was one of many just there to go through the motions. Dr. Saxton took time with me to discuss all my questions and provided great insight to My ailment. Dr. Saxton seemed to address my lower back issue holistically with stretching and other soft tissue manipulation and not just the “rice crispy snap crackle pop” approach. After my visit I felt immediate improvement and after a few days of following his stretching suggestions I feel much better. I will definitely continue to see Dr. Saxton and I highly recommend seeing him."

Collin G.


"Eric is a great doctor. He has the best interest in his patients and he always tries to look out for you. He is a very caring and compassionate doctor which you cannot find anywhere. He has helped me and my wife with all of her back issues. I would highly recommend him and I refer other friends to him as well."


Paul S.


"I've had nothing but great experiences with Dr. Eric! I met him after a race and he immediately gave some relief to hip pain I was experiencing. I continued seeing him until the issue was resolved and will continue in his care for routine chiropractic care. I highly recommend his services. PS- You can schedule your appointments online and there is never a wait for your appointment!"


Allyson R.


"I highly recommend Cuse Chiro for the service and the atmosphere. I had been putting off going to the chiropractor for years, but when Cuse Chiro opened in Downtown, it made it easy enough to walk over from my office. Not only did I feel much better after my visit, but Dr. Eric even gave me a few stretches and product suggestions to incorporate into my daily routine. Dr. Eric treats you like a friend, not just a client. He's friendly and personable, which makes each visit even more relaxed."

Bethany H.


"Dr. Eric Saxton fixed my back. Plain and simple. I walked in whincing in pain with just slight movements, and after a short series of treatments consisting of multiple modalities, I'm better. Not only that, but I have been given the knowledge in terms of strengthening exercises that will continue to keep me healthy. Dr. Saxton is conservative in approach, personable, and knowledgeable. He is true professional with high ethical standards. I recommend him to anybody who is in need of chiropractic care."


Jared A.


"Dr. Eric Saxton is a very knowledgeable and professional chiropractor. He took the time to really understand the discomfort I was experiencing due to my back injury. He helped make a recovery plan based on my specific issues, which helped me recover within 3-4 weeks. I would highly recommend Saxton Chiropractic!"


Manisha S.


"I came to Dr Saxton with little hope for my back pain, but just after the first treatment I could feel the difference. Within a few visits, I felt more energized with hardly any pain and he also helped with my bad posture. I highly recommend Dr Saxton for all Chiropractic needs. He is professional, knowledgeable and experienced."


Panthea G.


"I've experienced back issues for years and Dr. Saxton was the first person to explain why and what I could do to prevent further problems. He has evening hours so I don't have to miss work and you can schedule appointments on line. I can honestly say he cares more about my health and treatment then the mighty dollar. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"


Thomas H.


"Dr. Eric continues to help me avoid back surgery. I receive adjustments to stay pain-free from my disc herniation. He always returns my call, and always tries to accommodate my hectic work travel schedule. He has an amazing flexion table, one that most other chiropractors do not have. My back and entire system feels amazing after a treatment."


Cynthia S.


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