Today is the unofficial holiday for Star Wars Fanatics world wide.  Over the years, I have thought about the “The Force” and how it relates to chiropractic healing energy.  According to the movies, “The Force” is a sort of metaphysical energy or power that flows throughout everyone.  This supernatural flow of energy is similar to chi in oriental medicine and other vitalistic principles.  The founder of chiropractic called this flow of energy Innate Intelligence, or Innate for short.

The Force…similar to chi in oriental medicine and other vitalistic principles. Chiropractic healing energy is often called Innate Intelligence or Innate for short.

Much like the fictional “force”, Innate Intelligence is an energy or force that could heal the body.  Chiropractic healing energy flows from the brain through the nerves to the tissues of the body telling the body to function properly.  When the flow of energy is blocked or limited, the tissues would not function well. Over time, that would lead to dis-ease and illness. These same chiropractors think that a bone of your spine can move out of place and put pressure on the nerves and limit the flow of Innate. 

If a chiropractor tells you that your bone is out of place and blocking your Innate, RUN.

Another way to think of Innate as the force that drives homeostasis.  Homeostasis is the process by which your body maintains it’s internal environment.  This process is responsible for maintaining your bodies’ temperature and pH, regulating immune response, balancing fluids and nutrients.  Homeostasis keeps your body functioning at its best. For example, it keeps you healthy by regulating tissue repair, the removal of waste, absorption of vital nutrients, and fighting off disease.  If homeostasis were to become dysfunctional, your body would become sick. A decrease in homeostasis function wouldn’t defend well against illnesses (colds/flu). An over active homeostasis can attack its own body (autoimmune disease). Or it can be off balance and interrupt regulation of normal cell division and cell death (cancer).  

Regardless of how you want to define “The Force”, it is clear that your body has something keeping you going.  In Fact, evidence based chiropractors would feel better calling it “The Force” rather than the antiquated Innate Intelligence.

The Health Debit Account

Imagine the body having a Health Debit Account, that pays for healing needs of the body.  Each day there is a set amount of healing energy. Everything throughout that day can affect the Healing Debit Account in a positive or a negative way.  For starters, eating well, regular exercise, yoga, and meditation will credit your account. In contrast, eating poorly, smoking, or excessive alcohol will debit from the account.  Furthermore, physical activity, whether that is exercise, manual labor, or repetitive tasks, will withdraw some funds to repair and build muscle.  Similarly, poor posture and emotional stress will also withdraw from the account. Eventually, the body no longer has enough energy to manage and aches and pains begin to show up.  

This is why you feel more sick when you are more stressed.

Chiropractors encourage the healing of injured muscles, training away muscle imbalances, improving posture, and giving overall health advice. In many ways, chiropractors are like a Financial Health Advisor.  Chiropractic helps to maximize your function and keep you healthy and pain free. 

If you want to feel better and heal better, Schedule Online, get adjusted, and let the Force be strong inside of you.